We established on 14 March 2012 as a sole trader. On 29 October 2013, we were converted to private limited company with registered name as ST Stone & Tiles Works Sdn Bhd and then merged with Stonemason Furniture Sdn Bhd in 2016.

We are specialised in tiling works of Furniture, tiles, granite, marble natural and artificial sandstone as well as pebble wash and concrete imprint works. Our projects are mainly involved in commercial building, factory and residential building. We are trading a variety of natural sandstone, artificial sandstone, glass mosaic, hand celadon tiles and others.


Stonemason Furniture Sdn Bhd delivery with experienced designer one on one service, according to your lifestyle and style preferences, to provide you with the tailor-made design of the whole house furniture, Make full use of your home’s space and customize your lifestyle.