Kitchen Worktop Material

Kitchen Worktop Material

Quartz stone or Granite, marble , which kitchen countertop should you choose?

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the best kitchen cabinet worktop materials to prepare you for future kitchen renovations


Granite is made of pure, strong stone and is the most common and popular countertop material because it is particularly strong, durable and long lasting. Since it is made of natural stone, it is certain that there will not be two granites with the same design, so you can definitely have a unique kitchen core. General granite is very heat-resistant and can be higher than the temperature of the furnace. However, this does not mean that you can put the hot pot on the stove directly on the countertop without a heat insulation pad. It is a very durable material-it is difficult to break, scratch or chip.
Although granite has different colors for selection, it is definitely not more than quartz. In order to ensure the longevity of granite, you need to install sealant, but it is not as frequent as marble.
Choose granite designed with natural stone as the kitchen countertop, not more expensive than marble or quartz stone


In addition to being full of fashion sense, most people are attracted by the unique texture of marble. Similar to granite, you will never have two identical patterns. This natural stone can accentuate the fashion sense of your kitchen space, especially when it is paired with shelves or cabinets of similar tones.
However, compared with granite, marble is not durable. It is soft and porous, so it must be sealed frequently to prevent damage. When preparing dinner, you may make mistakes with a knife. If you accidentally scratch the marble countertop, it will leave permanent scratches. Liquids can also leave permanent stains.
If you like unique textures, then choose marble, but pay attention to its porous surface. You need regular maintenance to maintain a smooth surface.

Quartz Stone

Unlike granite or marble, quartz stone is actually Artificial countertop material. It mixes natural quartz stone with various materials. Adding quartz crystals to the quartz kitchen countertops will make the quartz kitchen countertops more beautiful than granite or marble, and have many different colors and styles to choose from. Since it is man-made, it will be more durable and scratch resistant. It has a non-porous surface, so you never have to worry about permanent stains.
In addition, quartz countertops are relatively high-quality, which means they are more expensive than other countertop materials. But for the price, what you pay is to get lasting good quality. If your budget is relatively loose, then please choose quartz stone. It has a variety of colors to choose from, and you should be able to create your ideal kitchen.

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