Particle board

What is Particle Board

Particle Board is a wood base board, made of wood or wooden poles and logs, using fine wood fibers on both sides, with long wood fibers in the middle, and glue under heat and pressure after applying an adhesive. The panel is finishes with melamine. Its cross-section presents a honeycomb-like sheet.
As a new and high-grade environmentally friendly substrate, that material is widely used by European and American furniture manufacturers, and the domestic high-end panel furniture market, has also begun to adopt this kind of board on a large scale.


This type of board is a small-diameter wood, thinning wood, wood core, board bark, branch wood as raw materials, process by special equipment to grow 40-70mm, width 5-20mm, thickness 0.3-0.7mm.

After drying, sizing and special equipment, the surface core layer shavings are criss-crossed and oriented, and then form by hot pressing.


Solid wood particle board is a kind of particle board. The board using the wood scraps as the material, wood fiber in the board are larger, and more of the natural wood essence is retain.

It is a new and environmentally friendly substrate. Because it is splice with wood chips, the surface is smooth and delicate, without knots, bug eyes and other defects, and it has good stability and uniform material. In the domestic furniture industry, Particle wood is mostly use. So this is the advantage of Particle board.

Strong decorative performance

The surface of the particle board is smooth and fine, without knots, worm holes, warping, and cracking. It has the advantages of high physical and mechanical strength, equal vertical and horizontal strength, sound insulation, mildew resistance, economy, and heat preservation.

Warpage is not easy to deform

The solid wood particle board has small warpage and deformation, good dimensional stability, high strength and good stiffness, and it is not easy to bend when hanging heavy clothes.

Strong nail holding power

The interior of the solid wood particle board is a granular cross-scatter structure. Therefore, the nail holding force is strong, and round nails and screws can be nail.

These machinable properties are obviously better than MDF, but there is still a gap compare with solid wood furniture.

Good processing performance

The density of this board is generally greater than solid wood, and its physical and mechanical properties are excellent. It is closest to natural wood and better than natural wood among various man-made boards. Therefore, the machine has excellent processing performance, and can be process with the processing configuration, and essentials for processing natural wood.

The interior of the solid wood particle board is a cross-distributed granular shape. the particles are arrange in a certain direction, and its longitudinal bending strength is much larger than the transverse direction. It can be saw, sand, plan, drill, nail, file. Processing is a good material for the furniture industry.


Glue will be use in the processing, the environmental performance is slightly worse than solid wood board, the surface is not smooth, the flatness of solid wood particle board is not good as MDF, and it is difficult to make curvature and shape.

Environmental performance

Wooden particle board is use wood scraps. This nature determines its environmental protection and avoids the second waste of materials. In worldwide, 70% of furniture is made from solid wood particle board.

Every person on earth should contribute to the sustainable development of the world.


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